Web Design and Development

Having the perfect website for your business

On average, a person spends less than 45 seconds on a website. That is why it is essential to make a pitch fast, without pushing potential clients away.

Whether you are a startup or an established business we know that creating and running website can be tough. Here at Buzzarketting we aim to ensure that this is a smooth and enjoyable process for you. Our website creation process happens in 5 simples steps:


Every new website build starts with an exploration stage. This includes meeting with you and discussing the requirements of your new website. We will then work with you to collect and create allthruired content. We will also research your industry, finding out who your ideal clients are and who your biggest competitors are. We take all this information with us as we move on to create the design for your new website.


Besides the content on your website, the design for your new site is the most important aspect that you need to consider. Each industry and each target audience will want different things out of every website. We take all of these things into consideration when crafting your design.


After choosing your design and researching your target audience and competitors, we will then build your new website. All of our websites are built to the latest and highest coding standards and are responsive, ensuring they work on all devices, no matter the size.


Once your website is built we will help make sure the launch is as smooth as possible, especially if your new website is replacing an old one. We will get your new site live with as little interruption to your visitors as possible. Once your website is launched, why not have a chat with us about how we can make launch day an even bigger success by telling everyone about it with a marketing campaign?

Ongoing Maintenance

Now that your website is live we will take care of all the behind the scenes aspects of your website so you never have to worry. From making sure your sites loads fast, to making sure it is secure with regular backups and malware scanning. Our list of ongoing maintenance services include:

  • Hosting - Once your website is built it needs to be placed on a server so it is publicly available on the internet. We take care of this and make sure that is never goes offline
  • Domain name management - We can register your domain name for you, handle renewals and handle any DNS updates that are required
  • SSL certificates - An SSL certificate is a security certificate that we install on your website to make your website is secure. Most browsers will alert you when visiting a website without an SSL certificate and encourage you not to visit it. The absence of an SSL certificate will likely prevent customers visiting and also negatively affect your SEO or your search ability on Google
  • Daily backups - Sometimes mistakes happen. You could accidentally delete some content or in the worst case scenario, your website could get hacked. We can quickly take care of this by making sure your website is always backed up and secure
  • Keeping software up to date - Why should you have to worry about updating software on your website when you are busy running your business? We take care of this for you
  • Making changes to content such as adding/removing pages, etc - We are happy to make changes to your website on your behalf, for free, as part of our maintenance packages
  • Business email addresses - Email is a crucial part to any business. We handle the technical part, leaving you free to write your emails
  • Malware and virus scanning - We regularly scan all our website to make sure they are free of malware and we also employ industry leading tactic to make sure your website is secure from any type of attack