General Marketing

Ensuring your business has good exposure and you're reaching the right audience

Many great businesses struggle to reach the right audience and generate sales, this isn’t because their product isn’t great. Many successful businesses don’t necessarily have the best product or prices, although this may seem puzzling, at the end of the day, it all comes down to marketing. With a good marketing strategy, almost any business can become successful, however, without adequate marketing strategy businesses may find it very difficult to generate sales.

Our team at Buzzarketing will help you put together an exciting and viable marketing plan, and we will be with you along the way to ensure you make your business a success.

Buyer Persona Research

This is the first step to generate more sales, finding out who you are trying to sell to. It is important to identify the type of people or businesses that may require your product or service so that you will know who to target. Buyer Persona Research is a method which enables us to help you create a semi-fictional profile of your ideal client or customer. Using the information we gather from the Buyer Persona Research we conduct, we will be able to devise and implement an effective marketing strategy for you.

Competitor Analysis

There is a famous saying about competition it goes as follows, “Competition is in the genes of all living things”. Whatever your industry is it is more than likely that you will have multiple competitors. Many businesses will tend to ignore their competition perhaps this is because they find it hard to face what they may be up against. However, any business wanting to grow and appeal to new clients must learn about where their potential clients might want to go instead. Buzzarketing will conduct research about your competition and in what areas they may be appealing to clients more than you are. This research will enable you to make the necessary improvements towards your business, ensuring you become a leader in your industry.

Tracking ROI

One of the important ways of knowing whether your current marketing strategies are working is to calculate your Return On Investment. Figuring out the fine details of what you have invested and how the business is responding is an important step to identifying how effective your marketing strategy is. Our team at Buzzarketing will look at all the facts and figures and use various metrics to figure out how well your business is doing, and if there is room for improvement.

Advertising Material

A large part of marketing is advertising, whether you advertise online, on social media, or in the local newspaper having attractive looking material and emotive content is the key to successful advertising. Our team of graphic designers will work with you to create the perfect advertisements to ensure a good return on your advertising investment.

Video Advertisements

A short clip can go a long way when you think of an advert, what comes to mind? Video presentations and catchy jingles have been proven to cause an increase in memory retention. Buzzarketing will produce exciting video clips that can be used on various social media platforms directing traffic to your website and generating you more business.