Business Startup Consultation

Everything you need to know about starting your business

Starting a business can be stressful with many doubts and obstacles to overcome. A study done in 2019 showed that 60% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years. The biggest contributor to this statistic is insufficient knowledge. Here at Buzzarketing our team looks forward to sharing our knowledge with you and leading you through every step of the way making sure you are part of the 40% of businesses that succeed.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help your business get up and running.

Name and Tagline

Choosing the right name and tagline can be a difficult task, you may be wondering how you will put your elaborate business idea into a name and tagline. Here at Buzzarketing we believe that choosing the right name and tagline is a big step towards getting your business buzzing, and we look forward to helping you with that.


You have now chosen your business name and therefore it is time to register as an official company. There are various platforms on which you can do this, Buzzarketing can help you choose the right platform and take you step by step through the process, ensuring it is a smooth one for you.

Bank Account

Although most personal bank accounts are free, many banks will look to charge business for their accounts, you may also want to consider your options for a business credit card. Here at Buzzarketing we understand you are looking to keep your overheads down and therefore we will listen to what your requirements are and help you find the best and most affordable option.

Logo and Branding

Every business needs to have a visual identity, having the right logo and branding can really create the right vision for your businesses. Here at Buzzarketing we will present you with a range of different styles and work with you to get that perfect look.

Website Domain

Whatever your business idea is, chances are you will want a website and business email at some point. In order to have a website you must have a website domain or a website name. Here at Buzzarketing we recommend that you buy a domain as soon as you can to ensure that when you are ready to build the website you have the perfect name for it. Using our range of platforms we will help you find the right domain for the best price.

Email Addresses

Once you have your domain you will be ready to create a business email address, there are various platforms for this, and we will help you find the right one to suit your budget. After you have chosen your platform to host your emails, Buzzarketing will set you up ensuring there will be no hassle when you want to access your emails.


Choosing a style for your website can be a lengthy task, after all there are so many different options. Here at Buzzarketing we want to ensure this is a smooth and enjoyable process for you, we will show you all the options and help you choose the perfect website for your business.

Google Page

Although you may already have a website, having a google page is highly important for your business. It will give potential clients a chance to see some basic info about your business and for current clients to leave a review. Here at buzzarketing we can help you set up an attractive and easily searchable google page for your potential clients. There are many other ways in which we can help your startup, have a look at our other services.